Services and Pricing

Below are the basics of my services and pricing. My services go way beyond these 3 packages. Feel free to reach out, to see how I may be able help.


$250 | 2-3 HRS

A client consultation is to help determine what needs to be done to stage the home, with specific recommendations that are given to the client to help him or her prepare the property for selling. Clients can take notes while we do a full house walk through, interior and exterior together.

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$350-$550 | 3-6 HRS

We offer the physical hands-on part of the actual staging of the home. We rearrange furniture, rehang art, attractively accessorize, create vignettes of interest that invite potential buyers in, and create the right look for every client’s target market.

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$65 per HR | Packages Available

“Editing” items, and placing the right systems in place to organize each room and space in the home can be an overwhelming job for many people. We specialize in creating environments that are organized, functional, and styled to meet your individual needs. Let me help you enjoy the space you are living in now.

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My expertise and visual aesthetic sense can give you an advantage when it comes to selling your house fast and problem free. Feel free to contact me to see if you truly need my services to quickly list and sell your home.



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